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    Offset printing, Digital Printing and putting it in the mail made easy...
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    25% Brighter Screens
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Welcome to Manduck Media - amazing, creative products for everyone...

Prepare to be amazed with this powerful, elgant and fully engaging products. With jaw dropping Offset & Digital Printing with quality our customers love. With our full Direct Mail services, postage savings is a huge part of what we do when we print and mail for our customers.  We give you endless options of customization of our products. We have the largest selection of multi-sensory products such as Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Books, Video Magazine Inserts, Video Business Cards, Video POS systems, Audio Cards, LED Panels and combination of the these amazing technologies into a very cool printed product.

The Perfect Mixture

fusing Print and Video together

Embedding different size screens into differnt size carriers is one the best parts of what we do at Manduck Media. We have full time engineers & designers on staff to help bring your dreams to reality. Creating a printed mailbox eye opener is not easy, let us help you.

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Detail is Key

Media that does more

Manduck Media is comprised of consultative marketing professionals that have many years of experience in the offset, digital, large format printing, packaging and fusing the digital world with the printing industry. Getting to the details of each product and executing your vision in creative ways is what we do best. Success of all projects are in the details and we help you plan for success.

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Direct Factory Rates

with qulaity electronics

Being the direct manufacture of Video Brochures has its perks. Customizing products and the functionality becomes second nature at Manduck Media. We don't want to be the cheapest, but our customers since 2009 have said we are the definitely best. Prices vary from $25 - $90 per unit for most of our Video Brochure products and screen size and qty are the main components that makes up the cost of all our products.

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Direct Mail - Offset / Digital Printing Made Easy!

Digital, Offset and Large Format printing solutions made easy for your business. We can work with you to create beautiful custom marketing materials that stand out! Depending on your quantity and specific needs, we help you choose digital or offset printing to create high quality business cards, stationery, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers and much more at a reduced cost! Our state of the art equipment allows us to provide you with outstanding print quality and quick turnaround times. Choose from a wide variety of finishing options when it comes to your printed products. We always try to find a way to get things done faster and with the highest quality possible.
Make beautiful and eye catching products with Manduck Media today!

It's more than Wow!

From the moment it’s delivered to your door step, a Video Brochure by Manduck Media is hard to ignore – the high quality of the print production and amazing book-like quality screams to be opened. Once the front cover is opened, the viewer’s attention is instantly captivated by amazing HD quality video with sound that communicates your message within embedded LCD screen. All our video brochures are custom tailored to each client’s needs and budget for maximum impact.
We supply all templates for all our orders. You dream it, we build it!

responsive design

Video Brochures, the modern solution

Choose the format that works for you!

Build your product using LCD screen sizes from 2.4" all the way up to the size of a 10" tablet. Your printed card can be as small as a business card or as large as you need.

Manduck Media was inspired by the need in the marketplace for a multi medium product to target very specific customer segments. Fusing video in print products was designed to be that unique blend of custom electronic media with high quality print presentation to move consumers to take action.

Customize Your Message with any of our products.

We supply all templates for all our products for you to add your magical touch and your creative magic to your branded video plus print product.

Manduck Media custom manufactures all of its product solutions using the highest quality electronic components and print processes. We continue to invest heavily in product development constantly releasing new custom presentations addressing assigned marketing challenges for our all our customers including our Fortune 500 partners.

ROI on our Video Brochures of any size are simple amazing!

Find out why our products will move your customers to purchase from your company and how the interactive presentation can illustrate the very best of your services clearly and in a moving manner.

Video drives engagement

Video has been proven to make users engage longer, and 89% of people surveyed said they prefer watching video over reading text.
Combining print and digital makes Manduck Media an incredibly powerful and cost effective promotional and educational vehicle that drives awareness, engagement and RESULTS.

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best bang for your buck

This is one of our most popular Video Book with the approx size 5.5" x 8.5" and a 4.3" bright LCD screen. We talk about ROI with our products, this product takes the cake. From speed to market and price points on our standard video brochures.

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Look how thin this is...

Manduck Media has created one of the thinest Video Brochures in the market place. We have used these for magazine inserts, standard standalone brochures etc.. We have amazed people in all marketing sectors with how thin and BRIGHT our product are.

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Multi-Sensory extreme...

We take Multi-Sensory Video Books to a whole different level when it comes fusing LCD video screens into printed products. This product has multiple pages and when you turn the page the video showing will automatically switch while you turn each page.

meet our valuable clients

This many happy customers can’t be a bad thing right! Join the long list of customers and get ready to be amazed with the quality, customer service, and great pricing From Video Plus Print.